The administration of 2014 national examinations came to an end on August 1 without any leakage at all:-

  • Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) examination ran from May 27-29;
  • Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) examination ran from June 9-27;
  • Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examination from July 9-August 1; and
  • Primary Teacher Certificate of Education (PTCE) examination from July 28-August 1.

The coming in of the new system of administering this yearís national examinations was (and is) part of an ongoing activity that MANEB conducts yearly as part of curbing examination malpractices. Hence, it was not a completely new thing at all. !

MANEB will, at an opportune time, assess the impact this year's system has had and map a way forward based on the findings. Until that is done, it would be premature to neither discuss the impact of this new system nor compare this yearís administration of examinations to last yearís.!

MANEB would like to thank the general public for owning this yearís national examinations. This was evidenced in their joining of anti-exam cheating campaign in various ways such as whistle-blowing during this period. This whistle-blowing helped MANEB to crackdown on some examination malpractices which ranged from possessing crib notes (likasa)and mobile phones to teachers assisting candidates during examination. !

Special mention should also go to the security personnel from the Malawi Police Service, Supervisors, Invigilators, Head Teachers, District Education Managers, Primary Education Advisors, Stakeholders Committee on Security of National Examinations and all that took part in ensuring that this yearís examinations should be a success. !

Last but not least, MANEB would also like to commend the media for playing a very crucial role in conveying anti-exam cheating messages to the public which resulted in a change in the publicís perception of national examinations.
We hope this coming year, we will collaborate even more than we did this year to ensure that we make our national examinations free from malpractices. !

Together we can, it begins with you!!!!!!!!!!

2014 PSLCE, JCE and MSCE Examinations registration

Registration of candidates and payment of examination fees for 2014 PSLCE, JCE and MSCE examinations started in November and will close on 31stJanuary 2014. Please take note that no any other fresh registration will be accepted after the closing date.

2013 remark results are now out

Maneb is informing all candidates who applied for remark that the remark results are officially out and the results can be accessed by either calling or visiting MANEB premises

Electronic Registration Reaches Primary Schools

Primary school Leaving certificate examination registration will be done electronicaly begining with the 2011 examinations. This news comes after a sucessful introduction of similar electronic registration at Malawi School Certificate of Education and Junior Certificate of Education examination levels.

With the new electronic registration system, examination centres are provided with a spreadsheet template which has all the required details and all they do is to enter student details and centre number. This will reduce procesing time and nominal roll expences by a wide percentage.

Examination Results now online

The Malawi National Examinations Board has made availble all examinations results through its website. To view results,one is required to enter an examination number or centre name.
However, only the passlist from centres wich have no fees balances will be displayed. Candidates from centers which have outstanding fees balances and those who are disqualified or failed will be communicated to through their centres.