An Executive Director heads MANEB. MANEB has six directorates.  Each of the directorates has a director who reports to the Executive Director.

1. EXAMINATIONS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORATE - responsible for developing, typesetting and printing national examinations

2. EXAMINATION ADMINISTRATION DIRECTORATE - responsible for logistical support during administration and marking of examination and candidates’ certification

3.  SECURITY SERVICES DIRECTORATE-responsible for security of examination documents during item development, moderation, printing and general security of Board’s property and premises

4. COMPUTER SERVICES DIRECTORATE – responsible for developing information communication and technology systems and processing of examination data

5. FINANCE DIRECTORATE- responsible for managing and accounting for financial resources  

6. CORPORATE SERVICES DIRECTORATE- responsible for human resource management and provision of office services MANEB also has three units and one section that support the functions of the directorates and these are:

a)       Policy ,planning and research unit- responsible for policy, planning and provision of  research services


b)      Procurement unit  under Corporate Services Directorate- responsible for procurement  of goods and services     


c)       Stores Section under Corporate Services Directorate- keeps  a record of Board’s  goods and  responsible for  inventory control


d)      Internal Audit unit- responsible for assuring the effectiveness of resource utilization internal control systems  

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