Aptitude Testing

MANEB administers aptitude tests

      1. For identification of suitable trainees

      2. For identification of suitable trainees


For identification of employees institutions submit application specifying; the position they want to recruit for, minimum qualifications  of the recruits and job description

For identification of trainees  training institutions should provide expected candidature, their qualifications and sates when they would like to have the test administered.

The service is rendered at a fee.

Provision of Metadata For Research

MANEB provides metadata at a fee to individuals and institutions upon request.


Application specifying the type of data, format of data required and an explanation of what the data will be used for.

Release of data is done at management's discretion.

Forensic Handwriting Analysis

Done to compare and contrast handwriting in questioned and known documents for purposes of identifying author/writer of questioned document.


Interested party submits original copies of handwritten questioned and known documents to be analysed. Analysis is done at a fee determined by the management depending on nature of the analysis.

Research in Education Assessment 

Done at a fee upon request from individuals or institution.


The requesting institution / individual should specify the kind and format of data required.

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