The e-registration and payment system for examinations was rolled out in October 2022. In that regard, registration of students for the 2023 Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE), Junior Certificate of Education (JCE), and Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) was done online in all MANEB-approved examination centers. The system has proved to be efficient, transparent, and effective and, therefore, will continue to be used for subsequent examinations.

MANEB sets the registration and examination fee payment period, which is usually the first term of an academic year. Prospective candidates are required to register during that period, as MANEB does not allow registration outside the required period.

The prospective candidates are registered at approved examination centers by a teacher designated by the center to register the students. The designated teacher is given a username and password by MANEB, which he or she uses for accessing the registration portal.

The registration process is as follows:

i.    Student provides his or her correct details, such as names, date of birth, and choice of subjects (for JCE and MSCE examinations), to the designated teacher.

ii.   Student verifies correctness of the details, and if there are any corrections to be made, the teacher is requested to correct them.

iii.  The system generates an invoice which shows the student’s name, photo, choice of subjects, amount of money to pay as examination fees and invoice number for examination fees payment. The student should verify the correctness of the details.

iv.   Student is given the invoice by the teacher for payment of examination fees.

Examination fees is paid directly to MANEB through e-payment platforms by guardians or students themselves, not through schoolteachers or any school authorities. The fees should be paid only after a student has verified the correctness of his or her details, since corrections cannot be made after payment of the examination fees.

Once a student has paid examination fees the portal at his or her centre will reflect that he/she is a paid candidate.

For 2024 examinations, the approved payment platforms are:

TNM Mpamba

Airtel Money

FDH 525 Mobile Banking

FDH Wallet 525

FDH Banki Pakhomo

NBS Eazy Mobile

National Bank Mo626

Standard Bank Unayo

First Capital Bank

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